Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love sets free...the Law kills

Before becoming a Christian I was BAD. I partied, cussed, slept around, did my share of drugs, what didn't I do? I didn't know right from wrong. I thought my wrong was ok and I didn't need anyone to tell me what to do! Especially the BIBLE.

But once the Lord got a hold of my spirit and changed me forever, I made a huge transformation. I was now a born again religious person. A person who did good in front of others and tried my best to follow the laws of the Lord. If I saw people around me not living right, my heart would become haughty and puffed up with "self righteousness" and say to myself "Boy, oh boy, they need the Lord". I would think my hardest on how to approach them and "bring the gospel" and when I failed or they didn't drop to their knees in repentance, I quickly thought "poor sinners, they just don't know what they are missing".

I would do the same with brothers and sisters in Christ: I would look "down" on them thinking they must have a very shallow relationship with the Lord because they were still saying a few cuss words or drinking wine, beer, or what have you. Didn't they understand that this is sin? Don't they read the bible?

Lately, the Lord Himself has been showing my disgusting heart of judgement. I am proud. I am not humble and I am just the same as those "sinners". I have no right to look down on anyone. I am not in their hearts or minds and I am not the Lord. But...but...but....

Yes, many buts. I need to keep my mouth closed about others around me. We, as Christians first need to walk in love and forgiveness and when we walk in this, the Lord will convict those around beginning in our own hearts. Our own judgmental words can push someone away from the Lord rather than bring them closer....this isn't what God desires.

Love sets free, but the Law kills.

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