Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Dream I had...

In my dream I was at a conference of some sort and there was a man of high status who was speaking at this conference.  This was a man who many knew and admired.  He had was gifted in his specialty and everyone who was at this conference was learning about this gift he had.  I was not necessarily at the meeting but knew he was there.  As I was standing outside one of the conference rooms he was speaking at, I saw this man come out of the room and walk up to me.  He had a book in his hand.  He looked at me and said...."I am giving you this book.  This is my only hard copy I have of this book and will give it to you.  I have chose you to give this book to."  When I was handed this book, I felt so overwhelmed by the thought that he would choose me out of all the people who admire him to entrust me with a hard copy of his book.  I felt like I had won a million dollars!  It felt absolutely amazing!  As I looked down and saw the front cover of the book.  I read the title of his book and it was Dagger.  I didn't understand the meaning.  As I flipped through the book I saw pictures of my friend in a hospital bed. I didn't understand why this friend would be in the book.  The pictures of this critical time my friend was having.  As I held this book in my hand....I heard in my heart.  "You know that there is truth in this book.  Everything in this book is valuable information.    You know most of it already.  You know the truth."  Shortly after that I awoke from this dream.

In real life, my friend and spouse were battling something very serious in their life.  The Lord had laid it upon my heart to be a prayer partner to them and stand in agreement for healing in this area of their lives.  The battle did end but not with the results we we wanted.  I questioned the Lord as to how and why this sort of thing happened.  A few months later my spouse and I went through our own but different battle.  Again....I questioned God as to why this sort of stuff was happening.  I was standing in agreement and believing for good results.  The results we wanted never surfaced.  We were confused.  We didn't understand God's plan.  Still  I don't understand.

Today I was reminded again of the dream I had.  But this time...the dream became clearer.  When I was faced with the the crisis my friend had it was like a dagger to my faith.  This event my friend faced became like my own battle.  I lost faith and trust in God's word.  The man was a representation of the Lord telling me that I will go through battles and my friends battle will be like a dagger to my faith.  I will not understand but I need to believe his word.  His word is truth.  I need to know that His word is truth.  And what I see or saw what was happening was not his Word.  His WORD IS TRUTH.  He is good!  His words are Good!  His will is GOOD!  I lost hope in what I had been taught.  I had lost hope in the good news of God in the true Gospel of JESUS CHRIST!

Just like I was warned in this dream...that the event was going to be like a dagger but not to stop believing in the TRUTH!


As I type this...we are slowly coming out of our own battle.  I faced the Wilderness in the face and didn't like what came out of me.  I grumbled, complained, and questioned God and His word.

Please Forgive me Lord for this.  I repent!  I know your word is TRUTH AND GOOD!  I love you Lord and trust in all you do!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An Excerpt from Casey Anthony's letter to her inmate friend

To be able to smile every day and to be able to laugh, even after everything that has can we not be grateful to the endless love that He has given us?  Every single day I pray for the end of this journey, for our miracles, but I've realized something, we're on two journeys at the same time - our growth with Christ, and the true end of our old lives.  We have been born again, my sister, and man! does that feel good :) 

So prayer is that her relationship with God is truly genuine.  From reading sure sounds that she has gained some foundation being in Jail. Yes...she was aquitted and yes....God is in Control and He judges the actions and hearts.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony found NOT GUILTY

God's will be done!!!

I am mixed with the verdict.  I remember reading her inmate letters and writing a whole post on how I felt about her relationship with God.  In her letters, she talked about how she was trusting in God and looking at light at the end of the tunnel.  So I guess God has delivered her out of this tunnel.

My greatest prayer is that we will get answers as to how the baby died.  Did she really drown?  Did George Anthony dump the body?  How could this baby be found in the swamp?  I am saddened by no answers.  Is there any chance of a confession.  She might have confessed to the Lord but does she still have to confess others....I believe that as a believer you should also make it right with others....maybe her parents.  End of story.  So is this the end of this Crazy Case....Casey Anthony.

I just hope this doesn't turn into a Hollywood movie story....I just hope this family has some sense to them if they are leaning on God.

My prayer is that this young woman will completely make a turn around and grow with her relationship with God.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Jury deliberations in Casey Anthony trial

And now the waiting begins...

I wonder how long it will take.  I have such mixed feelings as to this whole case.  Unfortunately, I highly believe they will find this young woman, Casey Anthony, as guilty of murder.  What I find to be heart wrenching is that she still stands as not-guilty.  No...she didn't say that maybe the baby died via accident because she was being a reckless mother but she is still saying she is non-guilty whatsoever.  SAD!!

I hope the conviction of God grips her heart and she finally does confess.  I hope she stops the lies and as a child of God confess.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Is Casey Anthony lying of her Relationship with God?

Casey Anthony is a known liar.  Seen as a manipulating young woman who has lied most of her life.  These are harsh claims and apparently somewhat true.  

In my previous post I clearly stood up and said "She's a Christian!"   But then do I truly know this?  Could she possibly be lying in those letters to the inmate...Maybe?   Could she be lying about her relationship with God.....well.....God only knows.  

My prayer for this whole trial and young woman is that the truth will be made known. That if she truly killed her daughter.... I pray the conviction of Holy Spirit would be so strong there will be no way she would or could lie.    

This is my prayer for Casey Anthony.   

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Casey Anthony is a Christian

I have recently become aquainted with the Casey Anthony trial going on in Orlando, Florida.  It is definitely hard not to judge this young woman as guilty.  Most likely she probably is.  Many want her to receive the death penalty.   Stones are thrown at her and words of venom.  Part of me though has not wanted to say such things but only pray for her salvation. my surprise she is a CHRISTIAN.  A lover of God and knows the word.  How do I know her letters on this website...

I immediately did a google search to find out if anyone else in cyber space has mentioned that most of her letters talk of God and her relationship with him.  These particular letters were written between Casey and another inmate.  She speaks of bible studies, calling God as Daddy, quoting scripture and encouraging her fellow inmate friend to stay strong in the Lord and never give up hope.

Always remember that God is your strength, your Father, and your Redeemer.  He is always  with you, and will continue to make you stronger, especially in your moments of weakness.  He loves you, and will never forsake you. 

She also writes about Caylee and knowing she is in a better place.  She also writes of making sure that her brother and father are both saved.  She feels confident her mom is on the right path and she gives God the Glory for this.  

She also writes: 

I never imagined myself a warrior before, although I know I'lve always been a fighter.  What a feeling and a responsibility, to know that we're part of God's army and that in the end we are victorious!  What a feeling of satisfaction.  

She writes of her favorite scripture Matthew 6:22 and how people have commented on a glow she has.  

The reason for this post is to share and encourage with all out there who know God to be praying for this young woman and not throwing stones.  Yes... Maybe she did murder her child (no excuse!)  Maybe it was truly an accident and fear kept her from telling the truth.  Maybe the baby did drown in the pool.  Maybe Casey has serious mental problems.  But this I do know ( maybe she might also be lying) that reading between the lines and reading these letters you will most certainly know she loves God.  

She is still a baby in God's kingdom.  Most certainly received her Savior in jail thanks to other inmates and her Chaplain.   Also, what brings a somewhat joy and sense of peace in my heart about this young woman is knowing that Caylee will be waiting for her with her arms wide open with the Lord right there if Casey does receive the death penalty.

My thoughts and opinions for her have changed and I see her in a totally different light.  Yes, she needs to pay for the crime if she is guilty but as a Christ follower I forgive her stupid actions.  She is no longer the "old" but is a NEW CREATION in Christ.  The world cannot comprehend this reality of God's Kingdome but those who are God's Children know that if she is truly saved she will meet her Savior with open arms.

My prayer is that she will get to know the Lord the more and that the truth will prevail!!


Friday, September 17, 2010

I have left...

I have left!!  

I have gone!!  

I am soaring and it feels so free.

I feel like I can find the person that God is wanting to build in me.  

The person I am suppose to be.

I do feel free.  

There is a smile on my face and a joy in my heart.

I haven't been this excited about my situation in a very long time.  

So here I am walking this peaceful path. 

Some might see it as something to be pitied.  

But I don't see it at all like this. 

It is actually a marvelous thing!  

I really didn't think this would happen but I knew that the road I was on was difficult.  

I know you are all wondering what this may be. 

All I can say is that it revolves around my financial status.

Financially speaking life has been a bit difficult.  But who's hasn't right?  

Today I received a phone call of something that might help my situation out a bit.  
How did I respond?  I was ANGRY!  
I really don't know. 

I've been in discussion with the Lord and asking Him "Why am I so upset about this so called "blessing" appearing out of the blue. 

I really thought that I was free to fly and to soar without anything or anybody interfering.  
I feel like now I am back to a place I don't want to be. 
The place I was wanting to disconnect from because truly I felt no connection. 

But it is making a way back. 
Do I want to go back?  
I really don't.  

I have discussed this with the Lord and I am still yet to hear what His plan for this retreat means. 
I was ready to go...go...go! 
But now....  now this!  
I can't explain exactly how and what I feel.
It's just....I don't want to go back. 
I want to go forward....explore....find my next next path!

  Can you sense the frustration in my spirit. 
What is it Lord?
  All I can do is lay it at His feet and live day by day.

That is all I can do.  

I will continue to have my discussion with my Lord and I know He will answer in His own timing.  
But to feel comforted right now, all I have to do is not worry and live it out day by day. heart is longing for a new life for the next thing.  
Could this be a hindrance or a distraction from the greater purpose? 
Or is it truly God bringing me back.  
We will see....