Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony found NOT GUILTY

God's will be done!!!

I am mixed with the verdict.  I remember reading her inmate letters and writing a whole post on how I felt about her relationship with God.  In her letters, she talked about how she was trusting in God and looking at light at the end of the tunnel.  So I guess God has delivered her out of this tunnel.

My greatest prayer is that we will get answers as to how the baby died.  Did she really drown?  Did George Anthony dump the body?  How could this baby be found in the swamp?  I am saddened by no answers.  Is there any chance of a confession.  She might have confessed to the Lord but does she still have to confess others....I believe that as a believer you should also make it right with others....maybe her parents.  End of story.  So is this the end of this Crazy Case....Casey Anthony.

I just hope this doesn't turn into a Hollywood movie story....I just hope this family has some sense to them if they are leaning on God.

My prayer is that this young woman will completely make a turn around and grow with her relationship with God.


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