Friday, January 15, 2010

Being Passionate for the Cross

I know some might be turned off by the post I recently wrote.

Yes, some might be OFFENDED or APPALLED with things I might share.  You might not like how the message is brought forth.  You might share your thoughts in a different way.  You might judge me and maybe you are a judgmental person in general.  You might be a hypocrite.

You might be like me

Passionate for the Church of today!

But you know what!!??  These are my thoughts!  My expressions!

These are:

My expressions of how His love has touched my life.

My expressions of how God has shown love to the most unloved people you can imagine.

My expressions of how Christians today may or may not be hypocrites.

My expressions of sins I might be dealing with in a general sense.

My expressions of how rough life can treat Christians.

My expressions on how I hate the Enemy of our souls.

My expressions of persecutions.

My expressions of stupid doctrines of demons.

My EXPRESSIONS, simply that!


Do I normally walk around with frustrations and in your face preaching as such?  Not usually!  :)

I normally walk in love and never, ever in an offended way.  I am careful how I express myself in "real life.  But these are my deep thoughts!!  My hearts cry!!  Thoughts I would share with close friends.  To my friends I am somewhat controversial....they have told me this.

One of the many reason I don't like to make my person known on this blog is to be able to express everything on here whether be the good, bad, or ugly!  These are my thoughts on my walk with God.


Some might love me and think I have written SOME good stuff.  But who cares!  I am not looking for a pat on the back or people to agree or disagree with me.  I really don't care what people think of me other than I know at the end of the day I was led by the Spirit of the Lord.   God knows my true heart, my true intentions, my love and passion to see the Church walking in the TRUTH of the Gospel.  He loves my genuine heart.  He loves me because I am His child and if I might say things to offend....HE KNOWS ME!

He loved John the Baptist who called people BROOD OF VIPERS.  Luke 3:7

 Then he said to the multitudes that came out to be baptized by him, “Brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

Jesus Himself also called the so called "righteous" brood of vipers!   Matthew 12:34

 Brood of vipers! How can you, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

  Not that I am calling anyone a brood of vipers.....Please hear me out!  I'm just saying sometimes the passion that is burning inside comes out in brash ways.

So, if I offended you in anyway...understand my heart.....THIS is my PASSION!  No, NOT to offend.  I am not looking to offend.  But sometimes, the TRUTH and its delivery can hurt .... I know...... I've been hurt, but it made me want more of God.  And a desire to know more of the TRUTH!

 My passion is the WORD OF GOD.
 My passion is JESUS CHRIST!
My passion is the CROSS!
 My passion is the GOSPEL!

I love all people.  I even love those who want to despise me!  I thank you all for your comments and encouraging words.

I say all this in LOVE!!


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