Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lost and Lonely People

Do you ever stop what you are doing and just look around at the people who cross your path?

Those in the grocery stores or driving in their cars; where are they going? Who are they going to see or maybe they are going to empty houses and fill their night with the glaring blue box? Are they dying inside by the loneliness that pierces their hearts? They never open up because they don't know who is "REAL" out there in this lonely world. They think there isn't anyone who would even care if they shared their problems.

They are hurting...They are void....of a True Friend in Jesus Christ!

They are broken....they are lost....they need Jesus Christ, a true friend!

But how can they know this is what they need? How will they realize that Jesus is their answer?


No, not that you become their savior, but you will show them God's kind of Love! You can take a lonely person in your workplace, neighborhood, school, and even church reveal God's love to them.


By being there to pray for them. Being there to listen to their problems without judging. Being there if they are sick? Letting them know that you are a true friend. They will know that you are a person of God because of this Love that you are showing. You won't even need to preach them the gospel. GOD'S LOVE will show them the gospel. They will then want to know about the Gospel and it will be door wide open to teach them the word of God. The love that you showed them disciples their heart in ways you wouldn't even have thought. Only the Love of God tears down walls of division and speaks to the person in his/her inner most part of their heart.

Love is a powerful weapon!

WHY? and HOW?

Because GOD IS LOVE!!

Free in Christ

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