Saturday, February 6, 2010

part 2: Lost and Lonely People: Discipling the Babies

Discipling the Babies in Christ

Before receiving Christ we were lost and going to hell. We didn't know what the right thing was. We didn't know truth. We didn't know love. Throughout our lives we had people plant seeds of the Good News in our hearts. We thought some were absolutely crazy, but deep down there was something they had that we wanted. There was something to this Gospel of Jesus. Something was pulling us to want more.

What was this drawing?

What was this calling? IT was so strong it consumed the very core of our hearts. Crying at night not knowing that God Almighty was speaking to us in our sin. He was speaking to us saying what we had was nothing!!!


We can drive in our fancy cars. Work our nice jobs. Live in a nice home. Go out with our friends. Drink all hours of the night? Sleep around with whoever we want, but the emptiness of our soul was deep and wide. Nothing seemed to satisfy the thirst. This thirst that was gripping our bones. The innermost parts of our hearts.

What is this I long for!!!???

Alone in the quiet of our house, we realize we are dying. We are alone. Where can I go to find the love I need.....WHERE???

Someone who knows Jesus crosses our path yet again....this time we listen.


Ok, uh huh, I know what you are saying.....we hear, we receive, WE ARE SAVED!!

Now what?

What happens now?

We don't know what we are reading?

I guess we need to go to church?

We come to church?

Who is a friend in this church?

These people are suppose to know God?

But why isn't anyone coming up to talk to me?

Don't they see me?

It must be the way I am dressed?

It must be the look of sin I am carrying?

Help? Lord are these your people?

Some are nice, but then most seem.........well





Is there anyone who loves and cares? Who is going to show me who this Jesus really is? Where is He?

I was expecting love and embrace!



These are feelings of people who are searching for an example and a true disciple of Jesus Christ. The church can be so quick to embrace the lost and see them saved but who is discipling these babies. Who is feeding them the Word of God? Who is showing them who Jesus is?

No, I am not talking about shoving religion down their throats and trying to cast the demons of alcohol, tabacco, fornication, homosexuality, the old man... . NO!! This will come off in time. We need to teach them the unconditional love of God. Encourage them to seek the Lord for who He is. Truly disciple someone till they can hear God on their own, when they can stand on their own. Yes, babies can sit on a pew at church and receive, but then turn around and continue to live in their soiled diapers and their dirty clothes. We need to be there as true disciples of Jesus and carry them around, feed them, show them, train them......

This is how you would with any small baby or feed them, clothe them, instruct them.

I encourage you to reach out to someone this week. Look around your church and see if they need a friend and to study the word of God. Look for them....Some are waiting for someone to take their hand.

And then I saw them....they spotted me from the front of the church. They came and said HELLO.... and ask...........

Tell me more about WHO you are?

I want to get to know YOU.

What is the body of christ for?

We are here to hold you up, embrace you, PRAY for you, and teach you who Jesus is.

Are you ready to get to know Him more?

Come on.....let's go out to lunch!


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