Sunday, July 4, 2010

On a search...

There are times walking with God can be predictable
when things in life are going well
there are no serious cares
or serious decisions to make
Work is good
Home life is great
church activity can't be better
What happens when it all seems to be unpredictable
You've done everything you know how to do
the natural and supernatural
but still.....a dead end
There are days when you don't even feel like moving
you feel numb inside
Like a grace has lifted....
Could God be doing something deep in your heart
to show you His next move?
You also feel a drawing away from your normal life routine
Even at church....
things just don't seem the same
You do feel like something deep is taking place
If you share with others
some might say
"get in the Word"
"pray more"
"is there sin in your life?"
"Don't be deceived"
" doesn't sound like it's God"
You know you've been seeking Him and asking Him to reveal
so what is going on?
There isn't any "great" sin you've found
(everyone sins daily)
This pulling away is so heavy
so great
But you know your are not being pulled from the Father
because He is here...
He is there....
He is in you....
So what is it?
Moses ran away from the "world" he know
Yes he did run in sin
but in the midst of this running...
He encountered the LIVING GOD!
So wherever you go...
even if you don't completely understand what you are feeling deep inside
God knows...
He knows exactly what you are going through
He knows exactly what you are feeling
He knows exactly where you are going
Or where He is taking you
Lean not on your own understanding
But on His alone.
Continue to seek to know where He is leading
and rest in this...

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