Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Only By the Grace of God Am I something

Do you ever find yourself wondering why some things come easier to some and not to others?
Do you ever find yourself looking at someone in church and wondering:

"Why are they falling asleep while the pastor is preaching"
"Why are they not as excited about this revelation than I am"
"These people are not praying enough"
"They are slipping down"

Did you think maybe they are in a different season of life?
At a different point on this road of Salvation?

I have asked these same questions before...

As I walk with the Lord and He leads me
I find that I am nothing
without His amazing Grace

I am nothing without His peace
I am nothing without His love

I am brought to my knees when I realize that I am nothing....
But then EVERYTHING with Him...

Those brothers and sisters in Christ
who might be walking at a different pace
facing different challenges,
are all on the very same road....

The road of Grace

Some days I feel like every revelation in God's word is illuminated
and then
There are many days when I don't even get what I just read

Why is this....?
Only by His grace.

There is nothing on earth that we gain or can do on our own
Because just as Jesus said...

John 15:15

“I am the vine, you are the branches.

He who abides in Me,

and I in him,

bears much fruit;

for without Me you can do nothing.

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